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NEW | Webinar

Grupo Via hosts a webinar with a select group of emerging professionals, including Zooco Studio, to talk about reinventing cities and pursuing a more sustainable future.

NEW | El País

The project House in Güemes has been published by the magazine “El País Semanas” in its article “Las modernas del pueblo”.

NEW – Jury RTF

Zooco Estudio has been chosen as part of the Jury in the next RTF Awards 2021.

NEW | El diario montañés

El Diario Montañés publish and article about Zooco Estudio due to their last awards received by The European Centre for Architecture and The Chicago Athenaeum,

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proyecto oasis lanz beach zooco arquitectos en santander estudio de arquitectura en madrid

Oasis Lanz Beach Mate

arquitectos en santander arquitectos en madrid zooco

Big And Tiny Silver Lake

Big And Tiny Santa Monica

DomésticoShop Hortaleza

Miño-Sil’s Hydrographic Confederation Headquarter