Slide La Maruca de López de Hoyos
Un club náutico en el corazón de Madrid

Slide Big and Tiny NYC Nuevo Big and Tiny en Manhattan

Slide Humo Abstracción del círculo

Slide Materialidad en doble altura Casa Paco

Slide JHouse Una casa dentro de una casa


NEW | Frame Jury

Zooco will be one of the jurors for the next edition of the Frame Architecture Awards.


Zooco is named in Architecture and Design’s article about studios to highlight in 2024.

NEWS | Room’s Award

The  MMC restaurant has been selected as a finalist in the 2nd edition of the ROOM Diseño magazine awards in the Interior Design Project category.

NEW | Podcast

Zooco participates in the Podcast “Arquitectura Acompasada” of COAM to talk about the project La Maruca de López de Hoyos.

Featured Projects

Featured Projects