Duplex in Las Salesas

Duplex in Las Salesas


The curve and the edge. From former offices to housing.

This is the main objective of the project. The refurbishment of former offices into a two-storey house.

Two levels which, with the exception of the kitchen, present the same programme: bedroom with bathroom and a large living space. Day zone and night zone on both floors.

The curve, on the ground floor, is born spontaneously with this narrow entrance that needs to be liberated and colonises the whole space.

The edge, with its large sloping roof is present on the upper floor.

Two floors, two geometries.

A new staircase as a connecting element that geometrically reconciles the shape of both floors.

The textures of the wood of the vertical elements and the ceramic of the pavement give the space a singular character and a common thread to the diverse language in floors.

The volumes of oak woodwork articulate the daytime areas and hide the more private night-time areas as a filter, while at the same time, they provide spatial and material continuity to the house.


AyD January 2024


Fotografía: David Zarzoso