Zooco is named in Architecture and Design’s article about studios to highlight in 2024.

NEWS | Room’s Award

The  MMC restaurant has been selected as a finalist in the 2nd edition of the ROOM Diseño magazine awards in the Interior Design Project category.

NEW | Podcast

Zooco participates in the Podcast “Arquitectura Acompasada” of COAM to talk about the project La Maruca de López de Hoyos.

TALK | Architect@Work

Zooco will be a speaker at the 5th edition of ARCHITECT@WORK in Madrid, which will take place on Wednesday May 8 and Thursday May 9 at IFEMA Madrid.

PUBLICATION | Diario Montañes

El Diario Montañés groups the Cantabrian projects selected for the awards of the College of Architects having among the 6 the MMC Restaurant and Plaza SL51.

NEW | Shows his work

New session of the series The architect shows his work with a guided visit by its authors, the architects Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito and Sixto Martín Martínez at the restaurant La Maruca de López de Hoyos.

NEWS | Premios Arquitectura 2024

Zooco has been selected for the Premios Arquitectura 2024. The projects chosen in phase 2 are the Restaurant of the Cantabrian Maritime Museum and SL51 Square.


López de Hoyos’ La Maruca project was part of the COAM 2023 Awards exhibition.


CESINE celebrates Design Week and invites Zooco as part of the cast for its program

NEWS | Interihotel Madrid 2024

Due to the inclusion extended by Ambit Cluster, Zooco is pleased to join the Concept Rooms of the Interihotel Madrid 2024, under the theme “Supernova: catalyzing hospitality design.”

NEWS | Interihotel Madrid 2024

Infohoreca reports on the Interihotel Madrid 2024 event, in which Zooco joins the Concept Rooms.

NEW | Madrid Design Festival

Zooco organizes a talk on “The Process of designing spaces, through their different scales and conditioning factors”. With the studios Plantea, Diir and Hanghar.

NEW | Exhibition Matadero

READ presents the seventh itinerancy of From Spain With Design where Zooco participates. The exhibition will be held at the Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid.

PUBLICATION | AyD January 2024

Arquitectura y Diseño magazine has made a report on the project “Duplex in the Salesas” in its January 2024 issue. Credits: Photography by Belén Imaz, styling by Beatriz Torelló, and texts by Beatriz Fabián.


The project La Maruca de López de Hoyos wins the Architecture Masterprize 2023 award in the category “Best interior commercial design”


Zooco wins Architecture Masterprize 2023 awards in the “Small firm of multidisciplinary interior design”

AWARDS | Best of 2023

La Maruca de López de Hoyos project has been chosen as “Best of 2023” by Archilovers.

NEW | La Maruca LDH

Publication of La Maruca de López de Hoyos in Arquitectura & Diseño as one of the 6 restaurants with the best interior design in Spain.


Zooco wins the “Best Hotel Design” category at the NAN Awards with its project: Balcón de la Bahía.

NEW | Consentino Talk

Consentino City Madrid and FEARLESS have invited Zooco to the “Architecture and Gastronomy” cycle to talk about the project La Maruca de López de Hoyos together with the restaurant’s partner Carlos Crespo.

AWARDS | Interihotel 2023

Zooco’s project: La Maruca de López de Hoyos has been nominated as one of the three finalists for the “Best Restaurant Interior Design Project Award” of Interihotel 2023.

NEWS | Open House 2023

Zooco is part of the Open House Madrid. Guided tours at the studio on Thursday afternoon and at La Maruca de López de Hoyos on Friday morning.


The magazine Arquitectura y Diseño publishes an issue dedicated to renovations with a guide to architectural studies including Zooco.

NEW | Best Practices Matter

Zooco participates in the event Best Practices Matter: Hotels “The City Ambassador” organized by Matter Group with other professionals.

NEW | Top 25 firms

Archello,  recently compiled a list of the Top 25 Best Architecture Firms in Spain where Zooco is included.

NEW | Influyentes Interview

Zooco is interviewed by the social media Influyentes Cantabria.


The Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de España (CSCAE) has announced the 177 proposals selected for the architecture awards, including our project: Babette, En torno a una mesa.

NEW | Contract Session

Zooco participates in the conference  “Design as a business venture” promoted by Docontract MAD, in which we set out our vision of how design can be a key and profitable element in the commercial success of a business.

AWARD | Winner Social Housing El Alisal, Santander.

Zooco has been awarded with two blocks of social housing in El Alisal, Santander.

NEWS | Nuevas Tendencias

Zooco participates in the conference promoted by Pilma and MATCOAM, during the Madrid Design Festival 23, where we presented our vision for the restaurant’s design.

AWARDS | Building of the year 2023

ArchDaily has chosen the project “Restaurant El Camino” by Zooco as one of the nominated for the “Building of the year 2023” awards in the hospitality category. It is now open to the public vote process through this new.

NEW | Best Spanish Firms

Architizes has chosen Zooco as one of the 25 best Spanish architecture firms.

EVENT | Dezeen Awards 2022 Gala

Zooco attends at Dezeen Awards 2022 Gala in London to receive the first prize at interior design studio category.

NEW | AMP Gala

Zooco has participated as jury in the Architecture Masterprize 2022 Awards Ceremony at the Guggenheim in Bilbao.


Humo project by Zooco has been chosen as nominee in the Euroshop Retail Design Award 2023.

AWARD | Best of 2022 Archello

Panistas has been chosen as one of the best 2022 projects for Archello.

NEW | Best Practices Matter

Zooco participates in the Best Practices Matter series, in the event "Improving people's quality of life", along with six other architecture and interior design firms.

AWARD | Winner Dezeen 2022

Zooco has won the Public Award in the Dezeen Awards 2022 with the 44% of the votes.

AWARD | Shortlisted BID22

Humo by Zooco has been shortlisted in the Iberoamerican Design Bieannial 2022

EVENT | Offices of the future

Zooco participates in “Offices of the future” event organized by Grupo Vía.

AWARDS | Dezeen Awards 2022

Zooco Estudio is onglisted for Dezeen Awards 2022 interior design studio of the year.

NEW | Archello

Zooco Estudio has been chosen among the 25 best architecture firms in Madrid by the Archello website.

NEW | Diario Montañes Abril 22

Diario Montañés echoes the news that five Cantabrian projects have been selected for the national ‘Architecture’ Awards, including the Maflow offices.


The first selection of proposals for the ARCHITECTURE Awards is announced, where the Maflow Offices project is nominated in the category of Minimal or Ephemeral Architectures.


The international federation of interior architects/designer has published in its IFI GAP 2022 ceremony the Bronze Award for “JHouse” project it “Habitat” category.


Zooco Estudio has been interviewed in Paco House by Matter team to discuss about their trajectory and professional future.

NEW | Proarquitectura

Promateriales has published in its #160 issue a monographic magazine with the best of hospitality architecture in 2021, including our project Oasis Lanz Hotel.


Arch Daily has chosen the projects: Big and Tiny Santa Mónica, Goodman office, House in Güemes and Shelter for an artist as nominee for the Building of the Year 2022.

NEW | Magazine

“Arquitectura y diseño” magazine choose “Shelter for an artist” by Zooco Estudio inside their top 10 spain houses designed by young and promising studios.

NEW | 40 Under 40 Gala

Zooco Estudio receives in a gala in Athens the 40 under 40 European Deisign award.

AWARD | A+ 2021

The project “Restaurant El Camino” by Zooco Estudio won the category Award A+ by Daikin best project of commercial interiorism in the A+2021 Awards.

YEA! Catalogue

Zooco Estudio has been chosen to participate in the “young european architects” (YEA!) catalogue with the project Arts Center of Verin.

NEW | AD Magazine

Zooco Estudio is chosen for the publication of the magazine AD, with its project “Shelter for an Artist” among 15 interior designers and architects from Madrid.

AWARD | Ideas Tops

Zooco Estudio participates in the 11th Idea–Tops Award as finalist with La Vaca y La Huerta project.

NEW | Architecture Networking

Zooco Estudio participated in the new edition of Grupo Vía's Networking Express in Madrid where professionals were able to chat about the latest developments and market needs for a whole morning.

NEW | Identidad y Territorio

Zooco Estudio participates in the exhibition FSWD / Identidad y Territorio. A project conceived in a collaborative way as a tool for Spanish design at a national and international level.


Zooco Estudio abre sus puertas el Viernes 24 septiembre para visitas al ser invitado a participar en la jornada de puertas abiertas Open House 2021.


Zooco Estudio is interviewed by NAN, architecture and construction for its trajectory related to design.

NEW | Webinar

Grupo Via hosts a webinar with a select group of emerging professionals, including Zooco Studio, to talk about reinventing cities and pursuing a more sustainable future.

NEW | El País

The project House in Güemes has been published by the magazine “El País Semanas” in its article “Las modernas del pueblo”.

NEW – Jury RTF

Zooco Estudio has been chosen as part of the Jury in the next RTF Awards 2021.

NEW | El diario montañés

El Diario Montañés publish and article about Zooco Estudio due to their last awards received by The European Centre for Architecture and The Chicago Athenaeum,

AWARD | European 40 under 40

Zooco Estudio has been included in the selection of the most promising and emerging architectural and design talents in Europe for 2020 by 40 awards.

NEW | Best of Spain

AD Magazine has included in its last issue House in Güemes inside the section “Best of Spain” where it is represented the current most talented designer within Spain. 

AWARD | Building of the Year 2021

ArchDaily has chosen the projects: Big and Tiny Silverlake, Daria, La Hermosa and 6House as nominees for the 12nd edition of “Building of the Year” award.

TEACHERS | Interior Design Master IED Madrid

Zooco Estudio participates as teachers in the Interior Design Master IED Madrid 

NEW | Anniversary Diseño Interior

Zooco Estudio has participated in the 30º anniversary of Diseño Interior Magazine in the Spanish interiors section with the House in Güemes project. 

AWARD | Best project 2020 Archello

Archello has chosen our project La Vaca y La Huerta among the best projects of 2020. 

NEW | Top Studios 2020

Zooco Estudio has been chosen by Arquitectura Plus magazine as one of the Top studios in 2020. 

AWARD | NAN 2020

The proyect “La Vaca y la Huerta” designed by Zooco has been awarded as Best Interiorism Proyect of 2020 in the NAN Awards 2020 gala. 

NEW | Jury AMP2020

The Architecture Prize Awards  chose Zooco Estudio as a Jury in its 2020 edition. 

NEWS | Plataforma Arquitectura

Plataforma arquitectura enumerates the offices that have been included in the Open House Madrid 2020 and it includes Zooco Estudio. 

NEW | Think Big

Think big blog has published an article about business creativity and it includes Zooco Estudio due to its 4th position in the 2020 Forbes ranking of  Spanish people more creative. 

NEW | Entremuros

The project M4 House has been published inside Entremuros magazine, Architecture and Design in the October issue by Reforma. 

INTERVIEW | Doméstico Shop

Zooco Estudio is interviewed by Doméstico Magazine for its trajectory related to design. 

NEW | Forbes

Zooco Estudio is chosen by Forbes magazine among the 100 most creative Spanish people in the business world.

NEW | Open House 2020

Open House Madrid will celebrate this year a Special Edition that will take place from September 25 to 27 and Zooco Estudio participates with our office in Madrid.


The FSWD ( advisory committee has selected Zooco studio that will be part of the web and that will represent the excellence of the design that is carried out in Spain.

AWARD | Arquia Próxima 18-19

JHouse, Big & Tiny Silver Lake, Big & Tiny Santa Monica, Balcón de la Bahía, Zooco Santander, Goodman Offices and 6House have been chosen for the catalogue for the VII Arquia Próxima’s Jury.

INTERVIEW | Villeroy & Boch

Zooco Estudio is interviewed by Villeroy & Boch for its online publication.

AWARD | Frame Awards 2020

Zooco Estudio receives the People’s Choice award as winner in the category “Large Apartment of the Year” for the project JHouse, in the Frame 2020 gala celebrated in Amstedram.


Zooco Estudio receives two honourific mentions for MATCOAM 2020 awards at the Official Architecture Association of Madrid for “House M4” and “Big and Tiny Silverlake” in Grohe and innovation categories.

AWARD | Building of the Year 2020

ArchDaily has chosen Big and Tiny Santa Monica, Studio Madrid, M4 House, JHouse, Flamingo Club, as participants for the ArchDaily Building of the Year 2020 Awards

NEW | Diario de Avisos

Diario de Avisos publishes in its newspaper “Flamingo Club” project by Zooco Estudio.

NEW PROJECT | Aparto Suites Muralto

Zooco Estudio starts the integral reform project of the Aparto Suites Muralto Hotel in Madrid after being chosen winner through a competition.

AWARD | Frame Awards 2020

The project “JHouse” has been announced as one of the 5 nominees for the Frame awards 2020 in the category “Large apartment of the year”

AWARD | Best Project 2019 Archilovers

Archilovers has announced its best project list of 2019 including our projects “JHouse”, “Flamingo Club” and “M4 House”.

AWARD | Cultural Center of Bezana Competition

The City Council of Santa Cruz de Bezana published the finalists’ list of its public ideas competition for the cultural center of Santa Cruz de Bezana giving a Zooco Estudio the Fourth Prize and an honorable mention.

AWARD | Frame Awards 2020

Frame has announced its longlist for the “Frame Awards 2020” including our project “JHouse” in the “Large apartmentof the year”category.

AWARD | XVIII Award Ascer 2019

Zooco Estudio  is  awarded as finalist in the XVIII edition of ASCER awards with the project Loopo.

AWARD | Architecture Masterprize 2019 Gala

Zooco Estudio attends the Architecture Master Prize 2019 gala at the Guggenheim in Bilbao where it is 4 times awarded with different projects of 2018.

AWARD | Architecture Masterprize 2019

Zooco Estudio is  awarded the Architecture Masterprize 2019 in three categories: Flamingo Club in hospitality architecture; De Vinos y Viandas in commercial interior and JHouse in residential interior. Moreover, Zooco receives an Honorable Mention for M4 House.

INTERVIEW | El Diario Montañés

Zooco Estudio is interviewed by “El Diario Montañés” about his vision of the architecture and Santander.

JURY | Interior Design Master IED Madrid

Zooco Estudio participates as Jury in the interior Master’s thesis of the European School of Design.

AWARD | Arquitectura Plus 2019

The jury of the Arquitectura Plus awards in its fifth edition has awarded our project JHouse as finalist

AWARD | Dezeen Awards 2019

Dezeen has announced its studio longlist of the Dezeen Awards 2019 and Zooco Studio is finalist in the “Interior designer of the year” Category.

NEW | Diario Montañés

We want to thank the Montañés newspaper for its excellent article about Zooco Estudio in its digital and print edition.

AWARD | Dezeen Awards 2019

Dezeen has announced its longlist for the “Dezeen Awards 2019” including our project “JHouse” in the house interior category.


Zooco Estudio has received the award Design Vanguard 2019 which highlights 10 emerging practices from around the globe.


Zooco Estudio is interviewed by El Mundo newspaper in its special monographic “Construye-Rehabilita-Decora”.

NEW PROJECT | La Vaca y la Huerta

Zooco Estudio starts a new integral reform project of a restaurant situated in Madrid.

CONFERENCE | Interiorism & Retail Grupo Vía

Zooco Estudio participates in the 10º Forum of interiorism and retail organized by Grupo Vía win its lecture “The potential of small spaces”

NEW PROJECT | Big and Tiny 2019

Zooco Estudio starts a new international project in Los Angeles, California. It is the second head building of Big and Tiny company.

CONFERENCE | “Big ideas in small spaces”

Zooco Estudio participates in the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt about the designer’s tools to deal with retail projects in xxs spaces.

AWARD | Official Architects Association Cantabria

Zooco Estudio receives the Ortega-Alloza award for the best project by a under 40 years studio by Little Cueto

AWARD | International Design Media Award ’18

Zooco Estudio receives the 16th International Design Media Award 2018  winning award  at Shenzhen for its project “De Vinos y Viandas”

AWARD | NAN Construcción ’18

Zooco Estudio receives the first award NAN Construcción '18 in the interiors category for its project "De Vinos y Viandas". We want to congrats everybody.

DISCUSSION | FACtual Round Table

The FACtual 2018 Round table in Roca Madrid Gallery: with Carlos Gor, Diogo Aguiar Estudio, Paisaje Transversal y Periferia Arq. Diseño y Construcción.

AWARD | Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño ’18

Zooco Estudio exhibits and is distinct with  Design Mention for space and interior design for its “De Vinos y Viandas” project.


Zooco Estudio travels to Colonia, Germany, in order to give a lecture on retail at the EHI Retail Institute 2018.

AWARD | Euroshop Retail Design Award

Zooco Estudio wins the Euroshop Retail Design Award 2018 in Shanghai with their project “De Vinos Y Viandas”


Zooco Estudio starts a new project of integral reform of a store located in Santander. Restaurant project in the ejecution phase.

NEW PROJECT | Houses in Loredo

Zooco Estudio starts a new residential project in Cantabria. Two single-family houses are designed as a common volume.

NEW PROJECT | Paseo del Prado House

Zooco Estudio starts a new project of integral reform of a house in Paseo del Prado, Madrid.

NEW PROJECT | Boutique Hotel in Málaga

Zooco Estudio starts a new integral reform project of a whole building of 4 floors situated in Málaga. It consists of a hotel with the boutique apartments.


Zooco Estudio starts a new integral reform project of a two floor house situated in Madrid.

CONGRESS | Intergift

Zooco Estudio participates in the Intergift fair, at the Hotels & Design Retail conference, presenting their most recent projects.

NEW PROJECT | Morning Riders

Zooco Estudio starts a new project in Santander. Morning Riders is a mixed building which combines commercial and coffee areas for surfers.

AWARD | American Architecture Prize

Zooco Estudio receives in NY the American Architecture Prize for the “Arts Centre of Verín”

CONFERENCE | Contract and Retail, Grupo Via

Zooco Estudio participates in the Interiorism, Contract and Retail forum of Grupo Via