We propose the breaking of the traditional bedroom scheme. It is evident that not all live spaces in the same way. Why adapt our habits to the projected space and not vice versa? We assign to each of the modular frames a specific use, which, ordered according to the needs of each user, generate the sequence of their day to day.

Modulor, is a bedroom with modular porticos inspired by the system of measurements developed by Le Corbusier, the renowned architect Le Corbusier in the 60s, where the ancient ideal of establishing a direct relationship between the proportions of buildings and those of man was recovered . The theory, inspired by the ‘Vitruvian Man’ of Da Vincci, argues that each magnitude is related to the others according to the golden ratio.

Mirror walls, wooden flooring and lining of each of the porticos with vitreous mosaic, give the space a luminous, cheerful and changing character. We associate different tonalities with the uses of space: sleeping, work, leisure, dressing and bathroom.

The result is a project in which color plays an important role since it seeks to transmit emotions. For this they have followed the guidelines of chromotherapy using the Hisbalit Stone collection, whose earth tones and pure finishes reproduce the appearance of rocks and stone. A palette that, according to chromotherapy, helps disconnect and rest.

The brown has been used for the sleeping area because it generates sensations of comfort and balance. The bathroom has been coated in pearl gray, which radiates cleanliness and amplitude. While for the work, leisure and dressing areas different shades of gray have been used, ‘neutral’ colors that, say, relax the view and favor concentration.

We take as a strategy complete the porticos of the extremes (sleeping and bathing), while the interiors open to the facade that illuminates the space (work, leisure and dressing). In this way we release an interior space, which, while distributing the accesses to the different programs, configures a polyvalent area that unifies the spatiality of the whole.



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Photography: Orlando Gutiérrez