Vinos & Viandas


Vinos & Viandas


The concept of this space comes from the searching of a well-known world which is the wine and its sales spaces. In our imaginary there are a lot of these references, thus, it is our attempt to abstract these images in a manner which the circumference shape arises.
The circumference shape is very noticeable in many ways, e.g. in the wooden barrels that can be visible inside the cellars, in the bottles, in the antique vaulted cellars. Therefore, the circumference introduces us into this world as the leitmotiv of the project.
The juxtaposition of several circumferences in transversal and longitudinal direction of the local creates a space where the required situations appear such as the counter, tasting table and exhibition-sale space.
This chain of curves originates a serie of arches of the space that linearly will be seen as vaults, a constructive system that evokes the ancient underground cellars.
Once the system is generated, we atomize it in its longitudinal direction dividing the system in vertical spaces of 15 cm, obtaining in this way two frontal elevations of product exhibition. Therefore, the space is perceived as a sequence of wooden ribs in which the circumference shape is even more present.
Finally, to complete the space, it is necessary to mention the different materials. There are three materials in this project: wood is used for the ribs system as the barrels, stone for the floor as the antique cellars, and the mirror material which generates amplitude and an atmospheric world of reflections where those circumferences seem to contain some kind of liquid.



Maru 222

G&G 14

BID 2018

Store Book 2019

Diseño Interior 303

Modern Decoration

Lighting Design Casa Viva 3

Novum Magazine

BOB Magazine 161

Arreda Negozi 145

Frame Magazine 120

Interior Design 89

Photography: Imagen Subliminal

Collaborator: Sixto Martín Aparicio