Nogal House

Nogal House


The project talks about the transformation of a semi-detached house in the northwest of Madrid. The house was in need of light and connection between its multiple heights.

An excessive depth of the original house, more than 12 meters, caused a very poor lighting of the first floor, mainly dedicated to the living area. That is why we generated an interior opening, as a lantern, that crosses all the floors above ground level of the house: living room – bedroom – office. This volumetric subtraction allows us a deeper illumination of the first floor, as well as conect it visually with the upper floors and the exterior.

Accompanying this new spatial concept of housing, we use a very clear and strict material binomial: oak wood and white. Thanks to these two parameters we managed to model all the rooms, solving in each of them their own needs, such as storage, seating, support surfaces, etc… The reduced and minimalist use of textures and colors generates calm, serene spaces that lead to a global reading of the different atmospheres of the house.

Fotografía: Imagen Subliminal