Little Cueto


Little Cueto


Little Cueto is located in Cueto neighbourhood, the north part of Santander. It was a tradicional rural area that changed its fields to large urban developments. Between these new constructions, some insulated houses and agricultural constructions were preserved.

This project is about one of this old buildings, a solitary construction of 50m2 in a single ground floor, built about 100 years ago and situated in a patch of 100m2. The interior of the building wasn’t decorous, it showed a deserted state for a long period of time and the materials of the instalations had suffered important deteriorations.

The client bring us the idea of a restaurant specialised in the production of pizzas, with a young environment that allows costumers to have pizza at the same time that the production of pizza is shown.

Attending to this premises, the project consits in a structural consolidation, a restitution of the instalations and an almost complete reform of the facings and coverings. The space is also re-distributed depending on the needs and preserving the esence and enviroment of the local at all time.

Due to the morfology and the scale of the local, we create an open and continuos space in all the patch, avoiding the division and using the same materials as the existing ones (wood and stone) in both cases, interior and exterior, and incorporating some metalics touches in carpentry and furniture.

This genetares that the production zone can be open to the dining room, just confined by the counter. In the same way, the terrace appears as a continuation of the dining room. They both configurated a single space due to the pavement and the sliding and folding doors.



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Photography: Orlando Gutiérrez