Cañadío Santander

Cañadío Santander


The Cañadio restaurant is one of the most emblematic establishments in the city. It opened its doors for the first time in the year 1981 and since then it has suffered several small interventions contributing different languages ​​that had been distorting its identity.


An intervention that recovers the relevant constructive elements of the premises is proposed, reveals and provides the space a new refined and homogeneous aesthetic.


The local is structured in two distinct spaces. On the one hand, the bar area and on the other hand, the dining room, both articulated by an open kitchen visible from both rooms.


The proporsal in the bar is to recover the spirit of a traditional tavern, through the use of flooring and coatings of artisan manufacture and dark wood, generating two large focus areas, such as the counter and the kitchen.


On the other hand, in the dining room the false ceiling is removed, discovering the capitals of the iron columns and the brick arches and opening the windows of the façade that had been blinded in the past. This creates a more spacious and luminous space. The floors of natural oak are cointinued in the vertical walls until finishing with a frieze of clean geometries. An elegant and cozy space is achieved where tradition and actuality coexist in a balanced way.



Photography: Imagen Subliminal