Cantabria Prehistory and Archeology Museum

Cantabria Prehistory and Archeology Museum


Saturday afternoon. It rains.

“Three hours ahead to spend the afternoon with the family in the Plaza of MUPAC. Today a new jazz group plays and if it is not too late we will book a table on the terrace. While the children play we will approach to the library to return two volumes that we rented last weekend and we will go upstairs with the children for the new temporary exhibition about the Cantabrian Wars ”

We want a SANTANDER where culture is part of the daily life of its citizens, where gastronomy, music, literature and leisure cohabit in public spaces, covered and sheltered.

We want a meaningful MUPAC as a cultural container, as witness of the history of humanity, so rich and unique in Cantabria. However, that also functions as a stage and engine of life; a museum that welcomes people inside, giving them shelter and culture; a museum that gives the city a place to live, as opposed to the usual buying places.

We want a BUILDING that is a reflection of its people, its sky and its omnipresent sea that is blurred in its surroundings, which changes according to its external stimuli.

We offer an open space, designed in the same way that rocks are modeled, but instead of doing it by water as Karst does, we do it with light. Light cylinders pierce the volume, lead it inwards and generate multiple and suggestive views to the outside.



Renderings: Showmetheproject