Bezana Cultural Center

Bezana Cultural Center

Santa Cruz de Bezana

A cultural building is functional and sustainable when the place it represents in the urban fabric is more meaningful than the meaning it has itself.

We believe in a Cultural Center that is lived daily by its citizens, which is part of their routines and habits, both social and cultural.

We designed a porticoed urban square, the main space, with a vocation to be inhabited and to be the organizer of all the activities. Thanks to this concentric arrangement, the flexibility and independence of each of its uses is guaranteed.

Around this central space the cultural center is organized IN A SINGLE FLOOR, a feature that simplifies its management, use, circulation and maintenance. Likewise, the built and useful surface of the center has been optimized to the maximum, minimizing construction and maintenance costs.

The square provides a prominent urban space, open to use without access to other programmatic spaces, in which they provide covered/uncovered areas, green areas, and a playground, always in connection with the cafeteria, with external management to the center.

Programmatically, the building works in two blocks. On one hand, Assembly Hall / Cafeteria, and other complementary activities that need total independence. On the other hand, Exhibition Space / Classroom, activities that must necessarily be one next to the other for the generation of larger and more flexible spaces.



Renderings: Showmetheproject