Torrelavega Entrepreneurship Center

Torrelavega Entrepreneurship Center


An  Entrepreneurship Center, made of a succession of RIBS, which is increasingly lightweight as it rises, and provides support to a new generation of young entrepreneurs.

The concept of the building was born from two fundamental premises,

The first one, the ADAPTABILITY, in dealing with the two possible phases raised in the development of the Entrepreneurship Center and its surroundings. We propose a structure that doesn’t divide but instead promote a visual and spatial continuity along the longitudinal axis of the whole project.

The second premise is the MUTABILITY AND VERSATILITY of the Centre. A program as the one required by the Centre’s needs – very heterogeneous and detailed – is likely to vary in the time, according to municipal needs. To obtain a building easily upgradeable, we designed an open plan container, source of innumerable distributions, liberated from structure and installations that hinder its habitability and its partitioning, a scenario able to accommodate a lot of different configurations.

Fourth prize