Leganés Sculpture Museum

Leganés Sculpture museum

Leganés, Madrid.

A structure located at the boundary between the park and the road, in such a way that it creates a visual and acoustic limit, by separating the nature from the noise and the pollution.

The structure embraces and connects to the former building, so administrative use can be distributed in this rehabilitated building, and public use can be distributed in the park, leaving free the rest of the space for nature.

A structure that provides the basis for the external nature, with an appearance which can change depending on the seasons and the years.

A structure that respects the trees, being located between them, so the inorganic and organic elements merge, by accepting the tree as a subject that lies there.

A structure formed by reinforced concrete prefabricated arcades of 15cm thick; a concrete on which the vegetation can grow and the passage of time, of seasons and of weather can be visible…

A structure which, thanks to the vegetation that grows on it, can dim the lights, filter the air passing through it and reduce noise and pollution.

A structure that creates a space in cohesion with nature, that provides light and climate changes, by isolating it from the city; a space which preserves the privacy of a museum and the hidden life of the parks.