Oca Selezione

Oca Selezione


The place is discreetly shown to the pedestrian as a common showcase in a commercial and centric street of Madrid. The showcase does not intuit the final space. Once someone accesses inside, two paramount and faced shelves generated by wooden oak supports. These wooden structures warmly welcome the client, showing a selection of different types of products, from little accessories to furniture pieces. Afterwards, the place is fragmented into two heights. Inside these heights, a metal strip runs through the perimeters creating the supports of the wood and glass shelves. At certain times, the metal strip separates and generate subtle enclosures in which furniture sets will be shown. The careful design of the central tables give a variety and versatility to the design in general. After crossing the metal strips, we face to a large space of almost 7m of height. This space has a great exterior character due to the roof skylights, the illuminated niches and the exposed brick walls. A courtyard constructed by steel structure contains a tree which qualifies the natural light. The protagonism of this final space is emphasized by the suspension on the roof of a large metal structure that supports three big screens, as a multimedia center, visible from the lower and higher sides. The materiality of the set is always read by the following code: concrete as the unifying element of the different zones, steel lacquered in black as the structural element, wooden oak as a support for product exhibition, and finally glass and mirrors which enhance the depth and lightness.



Proyecto Contract 148

Label Issue #32

Photography: Imagen Subliminal