ENXEBRE is the new space that has been created after rehabilitating some adjoining units of the restaurant Atrapallada, in Madrid.

The task is to create a multipurpose space that can be divided to accommodate groups of diners of different sizes.

In order not to lose depth or create a fragmented space, two series of sliding doors are arranged as string lattices that limit space but allow visibility.

These lattices are formed by braided strings and they have different densities and directions, creating a mesh that reminds a fishing gear.

The different provisions of the doors create a changing elevation that sifts the light and collects the diners.

The language of ENXEBRE is the same as the one used in the previous restaurant, a continuous wood ribbon is deployed by walls and floors generating the different spaces of tables and routes, completing with a hard material, the hexagonal ceramic.

The volume has just been configured with a series of vertical metal elements as a shelf, which nestle the space when the louvers disappear.


Photography: Imagen Subliminal