Total rehabilitation of single-family housing in the Northwest of Madrid. The main intervention consists of generating a double height in the living area of ​​the house, which organizes the circulations of the upper floor. As a unifying element, a support shelf is proposed that colonizes all the living and circulation spaces. In this way, we integrate aesthetics and functionality into a single element. It stands out the communication stair between the first two floors, formed by a massive flown volume, in contrast to the attic communication, formed by a folded sheet of steel. The choice of materials is binary: oak wood in floors and white finish in shelving, walls, and ceilings. This scheme is inverted in the kitchen area. On the floor of bedrooms, white slats mark the limit of the circulations hiding access doors to rooms and bathrooms.



Casa Viva 286

G&G 17


Photography: Imagen Subliminal