Youth Consulate in Burgos

Youth Consulate in Burgos


“Ochavo, va.”
(Del lat. octavus)
1. adj. and. octavo
2. m. Building or place which has an octagonal shape
3. f. Eighth part of a whole

The project of a building with a public nature, such marked by its environment, can’t be conceived without taking as a starting point its own study.

The relationship with the chapel La Capilla de los Condestables is almost in a total frontality, which explains why the study of this relationship and of the characteristics of this emblematic space give us the guidelines of the project.

The chapel functions as a single high-rise space, culminating with the vault, with big “light holes” opening up at the intersection of its octaves, that we will call “octaves of light” and that light up and give lightness to the whole thing; this is the premise of the Youth Consulate.

The scheme is born in order to get a three floors building that offers this solution, which leads us to develop a space, in the way of “octaves light” that visually and spacially include our three floors, from the access to the roof; providing an outlet to such a dense program.