Pan de Cuco


Pan de Cuco


Suesa, Cantabria

Pan de Cuco is a restaurant located in Suesa, a small village near the coast and the Cantabrian capital. This gastronomic proporsal looks for combine good product with a modern cuisine in a rural setting.   The project tries to reflect the essence of the site faithfully and the culinary proporsal. This raises the materials: simply and traditional, but used clear and firmly, growing an unexpected value through the design.   Given the morphology of the premises, there are three very different areas but conected to each other with its own and distinctive character.   It is clear and marked segregation of the different areas assigned for the enjoyment of users (bar with view kitchen, dining room and dining room -terrace) in combination with the multiple visual connections that exist between them. This situation generates a peculiar experience, since each time the user is located in one area the focus of attention is manifested in the adjacent room.


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Photography: Imagen Subliminal Graphic design: Mutta