Nuilea, is a space dedicated to the sale of cosmetic products, based on the specific indications and requests of the client; A project that does not modify the existing space and limits, a minimum time of construction and the sale of a product whose main characteristic is its natural origin.


The scale of the product and the space requires a system that allows the exhibition and the storage at the same time. This requirement, added to the client indications, determines that the project generator should be a modular, stackable and economical system of repeating elements that colonizes the space creating a new topography respecting the original configuration of the original space.


The element chosen for this modulation is a wooden cube of 40 x 40 cm, opened by two of its faces that allows its repetition and stacking, creating a system of fillings and voids.

It is a structure that relies on the walls and ceiling of the room working as an exhibition space in its voids and storage in its fill. Furthermore, this cubes system is able to integrate the lighting project changing the materiality to translucent and emissive elements at the upper parts.


The choice of materials responds to the need to express the natural origin of the product.

Therefore in the materiality that envelops the cubes, the textile is used for the lower areas of access to the customer, for the sample of the product; To the stone, for the wet zone where the pile is located; Parchment for the execution of the luminaires and, finally, the white color for those upper storage cubes that suppose a mimicry with the walls as a protrusions.



Store Book 2019

Nuevo Estilo 474

Diseño Interior 293

proyecto contract 133 nuilea

Proyecto Contract
Casa Viva 133

Photography: Imagen Subliminal

Graphic design: Mutta