Big And Tiny Santa Monica

Big And Tiny Santa Monica


Launched in July 2018, Big and Tiny is a unique enrichment space in Santa Monica
that fosters productivity, creativity, and community for both parents and kids. It is the
first integrated learn, play and work space with entrepreneurial parents in mind. We
bring the flexibility of traditional co-working spaces to child care.
The mission of the company is to support and empower our vibrant community of
parents by helping them integrate their personal and professional lives. Based on this
premise, Big and Tiny was designed with both adults and children in mind.
We began with an empty 2,100 sq. foot space where the main protagonist is the high
wood bow truss ceiling that limits the space transversely. These trusses would
eventually divide the space into three separate areas with the middle one being the
predominant space.
The front space features a coffee and retail area, while the middle area (and core of the
project), is a playground for kids. The most secluded third area serves as a co-working
space for adults.
Using the original truss ceiling as an example of a universal geometric language, we
created a repetitive modular and constructive system, that remind us of a puzzle. This
adaptable system creates appealing elevations in all the three areas.
The front reception/retail area is a multipurpose space with bespoke iron furniture on
the walls and a counter in the back. The modular and movable cubes are made out of
10×10 ceramic tiles in pink and blue which is the brands’ color palette. This offers the
flexibility to configure the space according to different needs.



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Photography: Aaron & Jon Photographers